BiG Pack Generation 5

BiG Pack – The new generation

BiG Pack – The fifth generation

Big Balers

Even after more than 25 years of big baler production in Spelle, there is no sign of any let-up in the sheer innovative strength of the KRONE engineering team, as is evident from the new series of BiG Pack balers. Over several years of intensive development, they have come up with a completely new generation of BiG Pack balers which incorporate many well-known technologies and, above all, offer a significant increase in comfort. Almost all of the existing features have been upgraded and adapted to user requirements.

The Variable Filling System, the unique MultiBale system and the camless EasyFlow pick-up with mechanical-drive rotor (Active Pick-up) are the landmark features that have won international recognition and that underpin the success of BiG Pack. Based on this design, the new generation of BiG Pack models is now being launched.

  • Lights: In addition to the modern full LED light specification, KRONE also offers various LED work light packages to suit individual needs
  • Bale chamber: All models gain the much longer baling chamber from the 1290 HDP for firmer, tighter and heavier bales
  • The additive dispenser: The 5th generation BiG Pack models are available with an integral dispenser for applying addivites that improve fermenation or conservation of the crop
  • KRONE PowerClean: A brand new hydraulic knotter fan cleans the knotter permanently. The best part of this is that the air flow is also directed to the areas behind the twine boxes cleaning further areas of the machine
  • The cutting system: The VariCut system offers buyers the flexibility to choose between two blade cassettes with up to 26 or 51 blades each
  • Electronics: The new BPW tandem axles and a choice of tyre options ensure stable rides behind the tractor
  • Active pick-up: The camless Active pick-up from KRONE is now available as a hydraulic option
  • Flywheel: The well-proven and convenient driveline without shear pins
  • Twine boxes: A new and most functional approach – learn more about the new twine boxes
  • Twines: Original KRONE twine gives peace of mind
  • Drawbar: Choice of hitch options to suit all requirements across the globe
  • VFS packers: Tried and tested just got better! Read more on the updated VFS variable filling system
  • Axle: The new BPW tandem axles and a choice of tyre options ensure stable rides behind the tractor
  • Options: Further options to boost increase operator comfort

Special Feature

KRONE PowerClean

The KRONE PowerClean is a pioneer development that cleans not only the knotter bay but also large areas of the machine. Maintaining a high air pressure inside the knotter bay, the system prevents material from collecting here in the first place. From here, the air flow is directed to the areas behind the twine boxes and down to the axles, cleaning the machine at maximum convenience and ensuring maximum safety in the field and on roads.


BiG Pack Gen. 5
BiG Pack 1270 (BP 305-10) BiG Pack 1270 VC (BP305-11) BiG Pack 1290 (BP 405-10) BiG Pack 1290 VC (BP 405-11) BiG Pack 1290 HDP (BP 405-20) BiG Pack 1290 HDP VC (BP 405-21)
Chamber width x height (cm) 120 x 70 120 x 70 120 x 90 120 x 90 120 x 90 120 x 90 configure
Bale length (m) 1.00 - 3.20 1.00 - 3.20 1.00 - 3.20 1.00 - 3.20 1.00 - 3.20 1.00 - 3.20 configure
No. of plunger strokes (per min.) 45 45 45 45 45 45 configure
No. of double knotters 6 (Standard) 6 (Standard) 6 (Standard) 6 (Standard) 6 (Standard) 6 (Standard) configure
MultiBale optional optional - - - - configure
Power requirement (kW/hp) 120 / 163 140 / 190 120 / 163 140 / 190 155 / 210 180 / 245 configure
configure configure configure configure configure configure

A new generation of balers


KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen