EasyWrap 150

Mounted bale wrapper

EasyWrap 150

Bale wrapper

The KRONE EasyWrap 150 is mounted by three-point linkage, front and rear. Beyond that, it also attaches to wheeled loaders and telescopic materials handlers for maximum productivity and machine utilization. The KRONE EasyWrap 150 is the world’s fastest single-arm wrapper, operating at 36rpm. More than that, the extremely versatile machine is equally at home in bale handling. This versatility makes the EasyWrap a true specialist machine for farmers who run their own fleets.

  • Ideal weight distribution and good stability thanks to close tractor attachment
  • Flexible attachment to the front and rear linkage and to tractors, telehandlers and wheeled loaders

Product video

KRONE EasyWrap – trailed bale wrapper for professionals

KRONE adds a new machine to its round bale wrapper program: the new double-arm EasyWrap 165 T which follows the EasyWrap 150 launched in summer 2020. Wrapping 3' 3.6" - 5' 4.92" diameter bales, the 165 T is a truly high-capacity machine where a double arm orbits around the bale for wrapping. The machine lifts up to 1.8 ton bales and wraps them at speeds of up to 40rpm achieving maximum efficiency and daily productivity. Controlled from a cab-based ISOBUS terminal, the wrapper offers convenient and straighttforward operation to suit professional standards. Naturally, all major machine functions including film roll replacement can also be executed manually from a separate operator panel on the machine.

Product features

EasyWrap 150
EasyWrap 150
  • The fastest single-arm wrapper in the market for maximum productivity and silage quality
  • Homologated for road travel thanks to the standard-fit rear lamp
  • Position controlled wrapping arm leads to perfect overlaps behind any tractor (no time control!)
  • Massive rollers ensure an effective bale roll – even of heavy bales of up to 1,600 kg
  • Big bobbins provide optimum bale control and ensure smooth bale roll especially in sloping fields
  • Work to road changeovers are made with a touch of a button
  • Four holders store spare film rolls for long working days. External control panel.
  • Automated functions for convenient bale control – from collecting to unloading

The ­KRONE EasyWrap 150 is mounted in the three-point linkage, front and rear. Beyond that, it also attaches to wheeled loaders and telescopic materials handlers for maximum productivity and machine utilisation.

The bale pick-up and discharge
The bale pick-up and discharge
  • Massive rollers – smooth and ribbed – roll the bale effectively
  • Hydro powered rollers ensure effective bale roll
  • Choice of automatic, semi-automatic or manual machine control

A simple mechanism allows operators to change the machine from small to big bales. The entire wrapping cycle – from collecting to unloading the bale – is controlled automatically, but semi-automatic or manual operation is also possible at any time.

The wrapping device
The wrapping device
  • The fastest single-arm wrapper in the market with an up to 36rpm orbiting speed
  • Quick-change film roll Dispenser
  • Flexible film pre-stretch and film break detector
  • Cut-and-tie system fixes the film and makes a clean cut

The KRONE EasyWrap is currently the fastest single-arm wrapper in the market. Although the wrapping arm orbits at an incredibly high 36rpm, it delivers an uncompromised quality of wrap – an achievement that is also attributed to the sensors that monitor all the machine functions.

On-board hydraulic system
On-board hydraulic system

[Translate to EN (US):] Für Schlepper mit geringer Ölleistung gibt es eine optionale Aufsteckpumpe. Diese Hydraulikpumpe inklusive Ölvorrat garantiert maximale Ballenzahl unabhängig von Schleppergröße oder Ölleistung.


EasyWrap 150
EasyWrap 150
Attachment Three point linkage, mounted configure
Wrap arm single-arm configure
Max. film roll holders 4 configure
Bale diameter (m) 1.00 - 1.50 configure
Max. bale weight (kg) 1600 configure
Max. wrapping speed (rpm) 36 configure

Flexible attachment

KRONE EasyWrap 150

KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen