Lade- und Häckseltransportwagen – 43 bis 56 m³


Self-loading and forager-filled forage wagons

The key to viable farming is boosting efficiencies, cutting costs and utilizing equipment to full potential all year round. This is the scenario in which KRONE developed the ZX dual-purpose wagon. Dual-purpose means  these machines serve as both self-loading forage wagons with discharge rollers and forager-filled forage wagons in maize and grass.

  • The world's most powerful self-loading and harvester-filled forage wagon – thanks to the KRONE Powerbelt driveline with a transmission capacity of up to 400hp
  • Camless pick-up with hydraulic drive and electro-hydraulic suspension
  • Pivoting headboard increases capacity from a compact build
  • Pull-out blade cassette with 48 individually protected blades
  • Three standard discharge rollers on ZX GD models. Overload protection comes from a clutch in the main driveline.
  • Optional SpeedSharp blade grinder
  • Axles with hydraulic auto-levelling system
  • PowerLoad auto filling system with auto chain-and-slat floor control

Maximum transport volumes and perfect cuts

RX and ZX forage wagons

Featuring the new OptiGrass cutting system and maximum throughputs, the RX and ZX forage wagons from KRONE set new benchmarks for professional forage trailers.


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Product features

ZX High-performance short cut loading and forage transport wagon
ZX High-performance short cut loading and forage transport wagon
  • OptiGrass
  • Camless pick-up with hydraulic drivewith hydraulic relief
  • Integral rotor and SplitCut for optimum conditioning – provides for an optimum cut
  • Pull-out blade cassette with 40 or 54 individually protected blades
  • Optional SpeedSharp blade grinder
  • Pivoting front wall increases capacity from a compact build
  • Axle assembly with hydraulic auto-levelling system
  • Premium lighting Standard
  • Options, which are worthwhile!

The KRONE ZX dual-purpose loading and forage transport wagon is impressive all along the line thanks to its modern design, innovative technologies and excellent forage quality. With the high-performance 'OptiGrass 28 and 37' cutting systems, it offers a clean, precise cut as well as structured and homogeneous forage conditioning across the entire width. Maximum power and efficiency round off the programme. The ZX sets new standards in the high-performance loading and forage transport wagon segment.

ZX – The high-capacity range
ZX – The high-capacity range
  • Versatile
  • Efficient
  • Economical
  • Operator comfort

Working economically means: boosting efficiency, cutting costs and utilising equipment to full potential all year round. This is the scenario in which KRONE developed the ZX dual-purpose wagon. Dual-purpose means these machines serve as both loading and forage transport wagon in maize and grass.

  • Clean cut in theoretical length of 28 or 37 mm
  • Optimal structure gentle conditioning under all conditions
  • Homogeneous uniform conditioning of each stalk over its full width
  • Precise wide steel plates and blades arranged for shear cutting
  • Perfectly coordinated precise interaction between pick-up and cutting rotor
  • Innovative new integral rotor with unique divider wall system

Thanks to the KRONE OptiGrass system, the forage quality is clean, homogeneous and uniform. This is possible due to the precise cutting method with a choice of cutting lengths of 28 or 37 mm. Thanks to the perfectly coordinated technologies, conditioning is gentle, resulting in a clean and high-quality result.

The KRONE EasyFlow pick-up
The KRONE EasyFlow pick-up
  • Hydraulic drive independent of the cutting rotor
  • Automatic or manual speed adjustment to the driving speed
  • Maintenance-free and low wear
  • Uniform filling staggered arrangement of the tines in a W-shape
  • Large pivoting range
  • Electrohydraulic relief for even better sward protection

The EasyFlow pick-up with hydraulic drive is the ideal solution for demanding requirements. With its 6.5 mm thick double tines in a helical layout, it meets the most demanding requirements in ease of maintenance and pick-up capacity. The hydraulic drive integrated in this pick-up offers an even larger work width, which helps to collect even more material at an optimum driving speed and maximizes the intake capacity.

The OptiGrass concept
The OptiGrass concept
  • OptiGrss 37 mm cutting distance with 40-blade cutting unit
  • OptiGrass 28 mm cutting distance with 54-blade cutting unit
  • KRONE PowerBelt the drive concept for extremely high throughput rates.
  • Integral rotor with augers high-performance crop flow with maximum pick-up width
  • KRONE SplitCut optimum conditioning over the entire rotor width

KRONE OptiGrass – state-of-the-art technology for perfect forage conditioning. The 40-blade cutting unit with a cutting distance of 37 mm and the 54-blade cutting unit with a cutting distance of 28 mm ensure optimum forage quality. KRONE PowerBelt ensures extremely high throughput rates and the KRONE SplitCut system ensures gapless conditioning across the entire rotor width.

The OptiGrass cutting unit
The OptiGrass cutting unit
  • Top cutting quality Shear cut
  • Theoretical cutting length: OptiGrass 28 mm with maximum 54 blades | OptiGrass 37 mm with maximum 40 blades
  • Central blade group control system: 0, 20, 20, 40 blades | 0, 27, 27, 54 blades
  • Blade changing without tools and with central locking

KRONE OptiGrass cutting units offer wide tine holders and closely spaced, guarded blades which provide an easy and precise cut, similar to a pair of scissors. Two cutting units with 40 or 54 blades are available for optimum conditioning. Thanks to the central blade group control system, the cutting length can be varied at any time between a half and full set of blades, allowing cutting distances of 28 or 56 mm or 37 or 74 mm. OptiGrass therefore offers a flexible solution for different cutting lengths.

The quick-change blade system
The quick-change blade system
  • Blade cassette can be swivelled out to the side
  • Blade changing without tools and with central locking
  • Central operation on the left side of the vehicle
  • 40 or 54 sharp blades on the side of the blade cassette for a quick change

You change the blades without tools and without leaning over the blade cassette which is now alongside the machine. lower the blade cassette, swing it out to the side and remove the blades without tools – a time and cost saving system.

KRONE SpeedSharp
KRONE SpeedSharp
  • „Sharpens the blades  conveniently and fast within minutes 
  • „Simultaneous sharpening  of half (OptiGrass 37) or a third of the blades  (OptiGrass 28) 
  • „No annealing of the knifes  thanks to a 'cold grind' 
  • „Simple design, absolutely dependable 
  • „No sparks flying under the wagon 

Sharp blades are fundamental for clean and  smooth cuts. Therefore KRONE developed  SpeedSharp, the unique blade sharpening system  for fastest, safest and most convenient  grinds. The trademark of this system is its  simplicity. 

The pivoting headboard
The pivoting headboard
  • Up to 4.5 m³ additional loading volume
  • Quick and reliable unloading of the wagon
  • Relief of the scraper conveyor
  • Variable baling pressure when used as a loading and forage transport wagon

Loading and unloading rates are important parameters in viable farming and contracting. The pivoting headboard boosts the machine’s loading capacity by up to 4.5 m³, compresses the material to needs and helps empty the machine faster and effectively.

The loading space
The loading space
  • Conical frame and design easier unloading
  • Double scraper conveyor with drive on both sides more power
  • Flat link chains extremely durable
  • Automatic fast unloading system as standard load-dependent engagement of the scraper conveyor rapid traverse

It takes high-end engineering that withstands the permanent exposure to huge masses of material and fast unloading processes. Two scraper conveyors, i.e. four flat link chains and two motors and a conical design that tapers to the rear will always deliver.

Standard filling level indicator
Standard filling level indicator

[Translate to EN (US):] Durch einen Sensor am Kratzboden wird die Information über die Ausladung und Restkapazität des Laderaums im Terminal visuell dargestellt. So haben Sie jederzeit einen Überblick über den aktuellen Füllstand.

ZX 430 GD · 470 GD · 560 GD - Optionally with discharge rollers
ZX 430 GD · 470 GD · 560 GD - Optionally with discharge rollers
  • 3 discharge rollers with large diameter (47 cm) as standard
  • Discharge roller protection with 3,000 Nm in the main universal shaft
  • Automatic scraper conveyor stop via the lower discharge roller
  • Higher speed for the two lower rollers – uniform forage discharge

The first step in producing quality silage is to spread the material in a perfect mat on the clamp. The ZX GD models with steel sides and up to three large-diameter rollers at the rear unload the material layer by layer and across the full length of the clamp for easier rolling.

The running gear – Tandem or tridem axle
The running gear – Tandem or tridem axle
  • Optionally with tandem or tridem chassis
  • Safe handling at top speeds of up to 60 km/h on the road
  • Maximum stability on slopes – reduced danger of tipping over
  • Equal load distribution on all wheels – reduced brake wear
  • Optionally with 30.5" tyres to reduce ground pressure
  • With axle steering Protection of the sward, reduced tyre wear
  • Optionally with hydropneumatic suspension for even greater comfort

The caster- and force-steered tandem axles have hydraulic pressure compensation for all requirements and needs. Each assembly offers maximum roll stability when managing bends at speed. More than that, they provide great stability on the slope. These axles offer maximum safety and operator comfort.

The running gear – Brakes and steering
The running gear – Brakes and steering
  • Optional electronic EBS braking system features
    • ALB automatic load-dependent brake force control
    • ABS anti-lock braking system
    • RSS roll stabilisation support
  • Contactless electronic forced steering

Larger and faster tractors and higher transport volumes and payloads require a rethink in terms of safety. Therefore KRONE offers the EBS electronic braking system as an option. The system is sourced from commercial vehicles where it has proven well for many years. In addition, steered axles help protect the swath and provide added safety.

The running gear – Electronic forced steering
The running gear – Electronic forced steering
  • Optional for the tandem axle, standard for the tridem axle
  • Smooth and quiet running, low abrasion, ideal for manoeuvring
  • Electronic forced steering – can also be operated manually for counter-steering
  • No additional coupling required – for greater tractor flexibility

Forced-steer wheels protect the sward and the tyres as the machine is making the turn, reducing the load on the tandem or tridem axle and resulting in easier pulling. The electronic system allows the operator to interfere with the shunting or countersteer manually on the slope or on the clamp.

Contactless electronic forced steering
Contactless electronic forced steering

[Translate to EN (US):] Durch die elektronische Übertragung des Lenkwinkels ermöglicht die kontaktlose Zwangslenkung einen höheren Einschlagwinkel und verhindert mögliche Beschädigungen durch Kollisionen mit dem Schlepperreifen. Kein Gestänge stört den vollen Lenkeinschlag des Gespanns. Das Lenkverhalten kann durch die elektronische Steuerung perfekt an unterschiedliche Fahrsituationen angepasst werden.

The hitch
The hitch
  • Very manoeuvrable Narrow and compact design
  • Higher drawbar loads with bottom hitching
  • Quiet driving with drawbar suspension
  • High driving comfort with ball-head attachment

Increased gross weights have made bottom-hitching the most popular type tractor attachment, because it transfers more load to the tractor’s front axle and gives the fourwheel drive system more grunt.

Compact and stable
The lighting
The lighting
  • Premium lighting package as standard
  • Excellent all-round visibility at night thanks to two powerful LED working lights at the rear
  • Safe in the field and on the road with front position lamps and reflectors
  • The load always in view Thanks to LED light strips installed as standard in the loading space
  • Two additional working lights can be quickly retrofitted thanks to prepared cable position

The KRONE ZX's Premium lighting package not only enhances safety, but also increases nighttime productivity. The Premium package provides optimum lighting of the surroundings, the loading space, the crop flow and the drive components. Additional working lights can be retrofitted as an option.

Silage additives unit
Silage additives unit
  • Spreading above the pick-up using flat jet nozzles
  • 200 litre tank capacity optimally positioned for access at the rear
  • Easy cleaning of the system
  • Removal of the pump unit without tools
  • Convenient operation via the terminal
  • Different modes for optimal dosage

The KRONE ZX has an integrated dosing system with a 200-litre silage additives tank which can be operated in different modes. The pump unit, including the filters and valves, is installed in the rear of the vehicle to save space. An electronic filling level indicator enables reliable and fast monitoring of the silage additives supply.

The additional equipment
The additional equipment
  • Loading space cover for loss-free transport
  • Camera with colour display on the monitor
  • Weighing device for an exact measurement
  • KRONE SmartConnect telemetry unit optimal data management

The loading space cover ensures clean transport even when driving fast and increases safety in road traffic. A camera helps to see the working environment better, making work easier and safer. The electronic weighing device can be used to measure the loading quantity precisely. The KSC control unit ensures rapid transmission of the recorded data.


[Translate to EN (US):] Der ZX lässt sich optional mit der ­­KRONE Smart-Connect Telemetrieeinheit ausstatten. Diese Schnittstelle dient mit GPS- und WLAN-Funktion als Basis für das Datenmanagement. Hiermit lässt sich einfach nachverfolgen, wo sich der Transportwagen aktuell befindet. Ebenso werden alle wichtigen Daten automatisch aufgezeichnet und können schnell ins Büro verschickt werden. So funktioniert die Landwirtschaft von heute!

The operation
The operation
  • Operator comfort
  • Clear concept
  • Easy handling

One box for everything Operator comfort is essential. Our shockproof operator terminals are compact, clear-cut and easy to operate. They feature backlit buttons to reduce operator fatigue during those long shifts well into the night. The CCI terminal is a universal operator control unit, which is compatible with a wide variety of ISOBUS implements from many manufacturers.

Everything at a glance
Everything at a glance

[Translate to EN (US):] Die Bedienoberfläche des ­KRONE ZX ist aufgrund ihrer einfachen und intuitiven Bedienbarkeit besonders benutzerfreundlich. Verschiedene Arbeitsschritte werden durch eine Visualisierung, wie z.B. drehende Dosierwalzen veranschaulicht. Für mehr Komfort sorgt die konfigurierbare Anzeigeleiste, mit der die Bedienoberfläche individuell an die Bedürfnisse des Benutzers angepasst werden kann. Ebenfalls stehen Automatikfunktionen wie die Beladeautomatik PowerLoad, die Entladeautomatik sowie die Knickdeichselautomatik zur Verfügung.

The DS 500 Terminal
The DS 500 Terminal

The compact DS 500 terminal has a 5.7-inch colour display screen can be operated with 12 function keys, the touchscreen or the scroll wheel on the back. An optional joystick is available for even more convenient operation.


ZX 430 GL ZX 430 GD ZX 470 GL ZX 470 GD ZX 560 GL ZX 560 GD
Designation loading and forage wagon loading and forage wagon loading and forage wagon loading and forage wagon loading and forage wagon loading and forage wagon configure
Capacity (m³) 43 43 47 47 56 56 configure
Pick-up working width (m) 2.12 2.12 2.12 2.12 2.12 2.12 configure
No. of discharge rollers - 3 (2) - 3 (2) - 3 (2) configure
Power requirement (kW/hp) 155 / 210 155 / 210 155 / 210 155 / 210 175 / 240 175 / 240 configure
configure configure configure configure configure configure

Dual-purpose loading wagons with a transport volume of 56.2 to 73.2 yd³

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KRONE Landmaschinen

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