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Krone Presents the Comprima Round Baler


Memphis, TN, October 28, 2013 - Krone North America introduces the Comprima round baler.  The Comprima is designed to achieve exceptional bale densities, high throughputs, and smooth operation.  

The innovative Novogrip Press System sets the Comprima apart from other balers.  The Novogrip belt is made of various layers of fabric and rubber to provide strength and durability.  It is the combination of belts and slats that add benefits to the traditional chain and slat design found on Krone round balers. The slats are mounted horizontally on each of the belts.  As the crop enters the bale chamber, the slats immediately grip it and begin rotating the material to form the core.   In all types of crop and conditions, the slats rotate the bale without slipping.  The Comprima can efficiently bale all types of materials including silage, dry hay, and straw.

Available models include the Comprima V 150 XC T, Comprima CV 150 XC, Comprima V 180 XC T, Comprima F 155, and Comprima CF 155 XC.  The Comprima V 150 XC T and Comprima V 180 XC T are both variable chamber balers that produce a bale 4’ wide and 39”- 59” high and 4’ wide and 39” – 72” high, respectively.  Each of these balers features tandem axles and the Krone MultiCut crop cutter, standard with 26 knives.  The Comprima CV 150 XC is a combination baler and wrapper, which retains the same features as the standard Comprima V 150 XC T baler.

The Comprima F 155 is a fixed chamber baler with a semi-variable bale size.  The bale size is changed manually by adjusting a set of pins toward the rear of the baler.   As the bale increases in diameter, it forces the Novogrip belt off the guide rollers for the bale to continue increasing in size.  As the bale expands in diameter, a spring-loaded tensioning bar lowers to ease the restraint on the elevator and allowing it to expand to the desired bale size.  The Comprima F 155 produces a bale that if 4’ wide and 49”- 59” high.  This baler is also available in a combination baler wrapper identified as the Comprima CF 155 XC.

All Comprima models are equipped with the EasyFlow wide pick-up.  The EasyFlow pick-up uses a design that eliminates the need for a cam track.  This design results in less wear and a 30% faster pick-up.  All models are ISOBUS ready.  The Comprima V 150 XCT, Comprima CV 150 XC, and Comprima V 180 XC T come standard with a CCI 200 in cab monitor.  This monitor has a large, full color touch screen.  This allows the operator to make all adjustments at a touch of the finger, as well as monitor bale formation, bale counts for up to 20 specific customers or fields, and more.  The Beta monitor is used on the Comprima F 155.  This monitor is simple to use and allows the operator to make many adjustments from the cab, maintains bale counts, and more. 



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